To celebrate summer, sustainability and craftsmanship, MODES has teamed up with Italian eyewear brand Sestini to launch a limited edition design, sold exclusively at MODES Milano. Founded by style connoisseur Carlo Sestini, the label has transformed the need for sustainable fashion into a bona fide philosophy, one that puts Italy’s heritage of excellence at the forefront.

Expertly handcrafted from locally sourced upcycled acetate, and delivered in recycled and recyclable packaging, the sunglasses created for MODES are intended as an heirloom for future generations, testament to Italy’s unique design legacy. True to his mission, Sestini Eyewear has been collaborating with a tree-planting organisation to truly ensure a zero-impact operation. Beyond sustainability, the limited edition pair boast superior performance thanks to carefully selectedmaterials such as the high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses, known for providing superior UV protection. In the brand’s own words, “the fundamental ethos of Sestini Eyewear lies in protecting the eyes. Faced with the sensory overload of contemporary life, the answer is not to close one’s eyes, but rather to protect them.” More than words, sustainability requires actions. Sestini Eyewear is the embodiment of high-end upcycling, one that truly embraces and celebrate the legacy and quality of Italian craftsmanship. MODES mission is to provide brands like Sestini the space to express their creativity and a platform to share their vision with the world.

To celebrate the Sestini x MODES launch, a special evening will be held at MODES Milano. Showcased amidst an installation built around marble objects, the sunglasses will take centre stage, while guests enjoy a soundtrack by iconic Milan DJ Andrea Ratti.