Modes, one of the leading omnichannel fashion retailers, presents its very first space in Milan. A “no filter” physical store based on the core concepts of authenticity and constant research. Institutional talk is boring. The immediacy and modalities of the digital world distract from genuine encounters and solid references. We need an independent, relaxed, fun and authorial perspective on fashion. We need a place for physical and aesthetic encounters. And that is exactly what Modes is offering at 8 Piazza Risorgimento.

Beyond clothing, a selection of unique jewellery, fragrances and flowers; theme playlists by NTS Radio; independent magazines curated by Reading Room, a Milanese space dedicated to the distribution and divulgation of niche publications. Like an invitation to a more advanced cultural reflection in the digital era, a literary salon/bookstore was set up under the guidance of Bruno Ceschel, a renowned event curator with a strong expertise in all things art and photography.
The four hundred square metres designed by architect Andrea Caputo in one of the city’s most elegant districts are ready to welcome merchandise and inspire. With an ever-evolving layout where everything is mobile amidst an unfinished, raw industrial atmosphere.

With the same dedication to style and individuality, we offer our services to make your experience safer and even more enojoyable.

* CONCIERGE SERVICE. For a true personalized experience, contact us to have a selection directly to your home (in full compliance with social distancing), or to have a personalized opening of our store.
* CHOOSE & TRY ON. If you have seen something you like browsing on and you want to try it in store, book an appointment writing an email on [email protected] or calling +39 348 7185918.
* CLICK & COLLECT. With this service, you can keep buying from the website and collect your order directly in store.
* VIRTUAL VISIT. Do you wish for a more immersive experience? We offer you the chance to have a videocall for a personalized virtual visit in our store.


[email protected]
+39 348 7185918

Monday - Sunday
10AM-1PM - 2PM-7PM (CET)