Engadin décor and contemporary minimal architectures at 1800 meters high. Iconic ski resort, Sankt Moritz is a location out of time that renews itself season after season.

It’s here that Modes opens its fourth store: 400 squared meters on two levels in the central Via Maistra, designed by the architectural firm Andrea Caputo once again. A space as abstract as cozy, original and adaptable to new installations.

“Sankt Moritz is the embodiment of a certain idea of luxury. With a cured selection of the most creative collections, Modes takes this vision through a series of proposals with an aesthetic as fresh as strong, within a space designed as an unexpected dialogue with the majestic beauty of the surrounding nature” says Aldo Carpinteri, Modes’ founder.

With the same dedication to style and individuality, we offer our services to make your experience safer and even more enojoyable.

* CONCIERGE SERVICE. For a true personalized experience, contact us to have a selection directly to your home (in full compliance with social distancing), or to have a personalized opening of our store.
* CHOOSE & TRY ON. If you have seen something you like browsing on and you want to try it in store, book an appointment writing an email on [email protected] or calling +41 (0)81 833 42 69.
* CLICK & COLLECT. With this service, you can keep buying from the website and collect your order directly in store.
* VIRTUAL VISIT. Do you wish for a more immersive experience? We offer you the chance to have a videocall for a personalized virtual visit in our store.


7500 SWISS

[email protected]
+41 (0)81 833 42 69

Monday - Saturday
10:00 - 19.00