Approaching style from alternative perspectives

Embracing novel ideas on the modern wardrobe. Amongst striking Sicilian landscapes, boundary-pushing pieces come to life. Seamlessly moving from micro to macro, celebrating the finer details within the bigger picture, this arresting short captures a dreamlike mood via captivating drone shots and thought-provoking close-ups. 

A suggestive blend of angles and views becomes an invitation into a labyrinth of thoughts and fantasies, taking us on an intimate journey into the mind that forms a stark contrast against the majestic beauty of surrounding nature. 

Garments take on another dimension within celebrated landscape artworks and large-scale installations, breathing a sense of grandeur into minutious design details.

Photography: Guglielmo Profeti
Art Direction: Carmel Imelda Walsh
Movie Production: Popkorn Films
Drone Operator: Francesco Anselmo
Hair & Make up: Rory Rice
Music: Benevolence - Francesco Leali & Alessandro Branca
Models: Harld Vente - Elite Models, Julia Reiss - Monster Management,
Leanne De Haan - The Fabrica, Robin Ros - The Fabrica

Styling: Francesca Cefis
Styling Assistant: Susanna De Fusco