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Born of the desire for freedom. With no barriers, no rules to follow. New codes are devised by the reimagining and combining, in complete naturalness, of all the elements comprising the male and female wardrobe. The silhouettes are disturbed. Dresses are rotated and draped, with new shapes emerging that capture the moments in which we live, without glances to the past. The protagonist is the human form, embodied with a new awareness. The body, reappropriated with asymmetrical lines and unexpected cuts visually invite you to experience parts of the body without fear or disquiet. The garments interact with each other, overlapping in fluid harmony. The fresh minimal sensuality of ATVX  is her strength, central to all that she is.



In October 2020, Christian Boaro founded the brand CHB, which uses a manifesto to tell his personal vision of fashion and beauty in a contemporary key. The brand's aesthetic comes from constant research into the duality of the male and female wardrobe and the contrast between strength and fragility. All this translates into garments with essential lines and materials that are part of the classic archetypes: from masculine tailored fabrics to more feminine ones, heritage of a more couture world. The streetwear universe, in contrast with classicism, contaminates the brand's aesthetic, in a deliberately blurred dichotomy. A tale of timeless beauty that embraces uniqueness and individuality.



Edithmarcel was founded in 2015 by Gianluca Ferracin and Andrea Masato, respectively from the faculties of Fashion Design and Architecture. The brand reflects on the theme of gender as a study of forms, volumes and lengths that can dress alike the male and the female body. Edithmarcel was selected by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana among 17 international emerging brands for the zero edition of Fashion Hub Market, presenting their first collection at Milan Fashion Week in September 2015. In 2016 Edithmarcel is among the finalists of Who Is On Next, the scouting project for young talents in fashion, designed and created by Alta Roma in collaboration with Vogue Italy and in September exposes the Spring Summer ‘17 during Vogue Talents at Palazzo Morando in Milan.  



Class ‘97, born in Buccino, he graduated in Fashion Design at IED Milan in 2019 with the Ossimoro Plastico collection that triumphs at the fifth edition of Milano Moda Graduate, winning the “Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana” Fashion Fashion Award. It is noticed by Beyoncé’s stylist, who chooses one of the shoes of the young creative for the video clip of the song Spirit. A new recognition is for the Autumn of the same year, when it wins the 16th edition of “Who is On Next?” 2020, a scouting project promoted by Altaroma and Vogue Italia dedicated to new fashion talents. The sartorial techniques of the past, reinterpreted with a modern essence, are applied to clean and contemporary silhouettes, whilst the choice of high quality materials lifted from the male wardrobe, are transformed following the lines of the female body, and highlight the Made in Italy approach, in which perfection, harmonious shapes and meticulous pattern-making form the key elements of the brand. 



Gentile Catone is not only a brand, is a very personal manifesto of love for art, beauty and life, which was born from an act of rebellion. Francesco and Chiara, both born in 1989, graduated in Law and Humanistic letters, respectively. Art and history lovers, Francesco and Chiara share interests and passions, gardening, organizing parties and events, collecting antiques and design objects, set design and photography. They felt the urge to escape from the eventuality of a boring and repetitive job, they created a ready-to-wear brand, expression of their ambitions and passions. The creative duo is organizing a retrospective of Fiorucci, which will take place in the first months of 2022.



Marco Rambaldi was born in Bologna on December 17th 1990. After graduating in Graphic Design and studying Product Design, he enrolled in Fashion Design at IUAV University in Venice and graduated in 2013. His formative years in Veneto have been very crucial for the definition of his style.  His third collection "POST" is presented in February 2017 with the support of at the Fashion Hub Market during “Milan Fashion Week”. Marco Rambaldi has been one of the finalists of “Who’s On Next 2017”. He represents the clash of two worlds: the 70’s Italian bourgeoisie with its everyday repetitive, reactionary codes and a radically young, emotional and transversal new aesthetic. Marco Rambaldi’s collections are self-produced.